How To Gain Instant Linkedin Authority



Dr. Sarah is committed to empowering entrepreneurs, executives & professionals to become well-known & well-recognized experts in their fields of service so that they can impact more lives… while also increasing their revenue stream.

Dr. Sarah has “been there before”. At one time, she was the most qualified person in the room, but was made to feel she was a fly on the wall – watching as others talked, negotiated, and made decisions without acknowledging her expertise within the conversation and decision-making process.

Sound familiar? Have you ever felt you were the most qualified candidate, and yet a client chose to work with someone else? Have you had all the answers, but were not invited to the table to offer your solutions?

Dr. Sarah understands judgment, bias, and discrimination on an intimate and personal level. At one time in the past, she was used to being discounted and dismissed both for her race, and her gender. She has walked into a room and been perceived as less valuable or noteworthy based off the color of her skin, instead of the power of her offer.

So how did she combat this bias? How did she establish herself against the odds?

Dr. Sarah’s solution was to first increase her instant, perceived value. She set out to make sure that what people would first notice about her was her expertise. She also campaigned to educate companies on the importance of creating an inclusive environment for women in leadership.

As Dr. Sarah took purposeful steps to increase her perceived value, she began to notice that not only was she no longer a fly on the wall, she was being invited to join the conversation, and to receive invitations to speak on online & offline stages. She went from chasing clients to having clients chase her.

Now, Dr. Sarah works with Entrepreneurs, Executives, Consultants, Speakers, & Professionals, so they too can be instantly seen for what they have to offer – their expertise, knowledge, & skills – in order to establish impact and attract higher paying clients. She helps her clients 10x their authority in their area of expertise. Through increased authority, media recognition, and visibility, her clients go from being hidden gems to sought-after experts.

In addition to her work with one-on-one clients through specialized LinkedIn Makeovers, Dr. Sarah created a unique curriculum which provides training and development to corporations and organizations for the purpose of building a corporate brand with diversity, equity, and inclusion
initiatives, as well as executive presence. She also consults on branding and marketing strategies and direct client engagement.