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Meet Dr. Sarah David

Dr. Sarah David is the #1 Go-to Expert on Linkedin Makeovers, Masterminds & Mentoring

Dr. Sarah is a skilled marketing strategist, business owner, growth consultant, author & speaker focused on helping every client increase their influence, authority and visibility in order to increase their income while expanding their vision and services. Dr. Sarah specializes in getting her clients into national publications like NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox to establish Authority & Credibility. 

Dr. Sarah helps her clients: 

🗸 Get featured in well- known media outlets
🗸 Utilize Linkedin and other platforms to attract high-paying clients
🗸 Experience professional networking consulting
🗸 Establish powerful content creation

Whether you are a highly-qualified professional looking to monetize your degrees, education, and experience to create your digital empire; a subject matter expert (author, coach, consultant, creator, educator, speaker); a current entrepreneur, solopreneur, service-based or small business; or a seasoned entrepreneur making legacy moves, Dr. Sarah David will work alongside you to grow & scale your business to the next level.

Program & Services

NICE Leadership Program

Dr. Sarah David utilizes her NICE Leadership Program to partner with the executive decision makers of corporations, non-profits, and other organizations to help them create a productive workplace culture that is also fun, caring and results-oriented. She also guides them through the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion methodology in the workplace, empowering corporations to celebrate the leadership & executive skills that inclusion of all genders, personalities, and races can bring.

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LinkedIn Profile FULL Review

You will receive a customized screen capture video critique of your Linkedin profile with a checklist of actionable steps for improvement.

Instant Influence Media Authority

Get into national publications like NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox so you can be seen as an Authority in your field of expertise.

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